Text talk

As a parent of teenage children I find myself frequently bewildered when I receive a text message from them. Whilst this is quite amusing and leads to much tutting from them and comments such as “ohhh muuuuum” there is a secret language out there that it may benefit us to understand. The first table is every day things the second table is slightly more unnerving as a parent as this is a language we never used in our day.

Good Luck


Text Talk Translation
@ at
@teotd at the end of the day
1 one or won
14aa41 one for all and all for one
2 to, too, or two
2b or not 2b to be or not to be
2dA today
3sum threesome
4 for, four, or the prefix or suffix: fore)
411 information
4ever forever
86 out of, or over
aaaaa American association against acronym abuse
aaf as a friend
aak asleep at keyboard
aamoi as a matter of interest
aar, aar8 at any rate
aas alive and smiling
aatk always at the keyboard
aayf as always, your friend
ab ass backwards
abithiwtidb a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
abt2 about to
acd alt control delete
ack acknowledgement
adad another day, another dollar
adbb all done bye bye
adih another day in hell
adip another day in paradise
afagay a friend as good as you
afahmasp a fool and his money are soon parted
afaic as far as I’m concerned
afaiu as far as I understand
afap as far as possible
afayc as far as your concerned
afc away from computer
afdn any f***ing day now
afiaa as far as I am aware
afiniafi a friend in need is a friend indeed
afz acronym free zone
agkwe and God knows what else
aiamu and I’m a monkey’s uncle
aih as it happens
aimb as I mentioned before
aimp always in my prayers
aise as I said earlier
aisi as I see it
alol actually laughing out loud
alot or allot a lot
altg act locally, think globally
amap as many as possible
ambw all my best wishes
aml all my love
and any day now
anfawfows and now a word from our web sponsor
aoas all of a sudden
aob abuse of bandwidth
asafp as soon as freakin possible
aslmh age,sex,location,music,hobbies
atb all the best
atst at the same time
atw all the web, or around the web
ayk as you know
aysos are you stupid or something
aytmtb and you’re telling me this because?
ax ask
b be, bee
b/c because
b4u before you
b4uki before you know it
bag busting a gut
bai bye
bak back at my keyboard
bau business as usual
bb bye-bye or bulletin board
bb4n, bbfn bye bye for now
bbbg bye bye, be good
bbias be back in a sec
bbiaw be back in a while
bbn bye bye now
bbsd be back soon darling
bbsl be back sooner or later
bbt be back tomorrow
bc because
bcoz because
bdn big d**n number
bf boyfriend
bfd big f***ing deal
bg big grin
bif before I forget
bion believe it or not
bioyn blow it out your nose
bitd back in the day
bk big kiss
bka better known as
bm bite me
bmota bite me on the ass
bohica bend over, here it comes again
bout about
br bathroom
brt be right there
bs big smile, bull sh**
btdt been there done that
bthoom beats the heck out of me
btsoom beats the sh** out of me
btwbo be there with bells on
bw best wishes
bwd backward
bwdik but what do I know
by busy
bykt but you knew that
c-t city
c see
’cause because
cb call back, chat brat
cfv call for vote
cid consider it done
cmiw correct me if I’m wrong
cos, coz because
craft can’t remember a f***ing thing
crat can’t remember a thing
csl can’t stop laughing
cul, cul8r see you later
cus because
cuz or cuzz because
cwyl chat with you later
cyt see you tomorrow
da the
dat that
deti don’t even think it
df dear friend
dga don’t go away (or anywhere)
dgara don’t give a rat’s a**
dgt don’t go there
dhyb don’t hold your breath
diaf die in a fire
diku do I know you?
dis this
dkdc don’t know, don’t care
dltm don’t lie to me
dnc does not compute
doin doing
dos those
dqydj don’t quit your day job
drib don’t read if busy
dunno don’t know
dust did you see that?
duz does
duznt doesn’t
dyjhiw don’t you just hate it when…
dyofdw do your own f***ing dirty work
dystsott did you see the size of that thing?
e123 easy as 123
eak eating at the keyboard
em them, excuse me
eso equipment smarter than operator
evar ever
ewi emailing while intoxicated
ez easy
faql frequently asked questions list
fav favorite
fawc for anyone who cares
fe fatal error
fitb fill in the blanks
fo f*** off
foc free of charge
foe for
fofl falling on floor laughing
ftasb faster than a speeding bullet
fttb for the time being
fwd forward
fya for your amusement
g or <g> grin
ga go ahead
gbh great big hug
gd good
ggn gotta go now
go2 go to
gok God only knows
gonna going to
gth go to hell
gtsy good to see you
gud good
h2 how to
hagd have a good day
hai hi
hhoj ha ha, only joking
hhtyay happy holidays to you and yours
hih hope it helps
hlp help
hua heads up ace
hugz hugs
huh have you heard
huya head up your a**
i1dr I wonder
iae in any event
ianac I am not a crook
ianae I am not an expert
iat I am tired
ibrb I’ll be right back
ibt in between technology
ibtd I beg to differ
icbw I could be wrong
iccl I couldn’t care less
idgaf I dont’ give a f***
idgi I don’t get it
idky I don’t know you
idl ideal
idm it doesn’t matter
idst I didn’t say that
idts I don’t think so
ifu I f***ed up
igtp I get the point
ihaim I have another instant message
ihno I have no opinion
iimad if it makes a difference
iir if I remember
iiwm if it were me
ik I know
imnsho in my not so humble opinion
ims I’m sorry
in4ml informal
inmp it’s not my problem
inpo in no particular order
INNW if not now, when?
ioh I’m outta here
iss I said so
istm it seems to me
istr I seem to remember(recall)
iswym I see what you mean
itm in the money
ium if you must
iyss if you say so
j/c just checking
j/w just wondering
jad just another day
jam just a minute
joo or j00 you
k ok
kbd keyboard
kewl or kool cool
kfy kiss for you
kir keep it real
kiss keep it simple, stupid
kok ok
kma kiss my a**
kk knock
kotc kiss on the cheek
kotl kiss on the lips
kthx ok, thanks
kwim know what I mean
kthxbai ok, thanks, bye
kthxbye ok, thanks, bye
kutgw keep up the good work
kypo keep your pants on
l8 late
laf or laff laugh
laq lame a** quote
lil little
lola laugh out loud again
ltic laugh til I cry
lul or lulz lol
luv love
m am
mai my
mfd multi function device
mhbfy my heart bleeds for you
mhoty my hats off to you
mite might
mkop my kind of place
mmk ok
moar more
mof matter of fact
moos members of the opposite sex
moss members of the same sex
mte my thoughts exactly
mubar messed up beyond all recognition
mwbrl more will be revealed later
n and or in
n/t no text
n2m not to mention
nagi not a good idea
naz name, address, zip
ncg new college graduate
ne1 anyone
nething anything
ng new game
nimby not in my backyard
nimq not in my queue
nmp not my problem
no1 no-one
noyb none of your business
nrg energy
ntk nice to know
ntn nothing
ntymi now that you mention it
nw no way!
o oh
oaus on an unrelated subject
oars oh no, not again
obtw oh by the way
oh over heard
oll online love
omdb over my dead body
omik open mouth, insert keyboard
ootb out of the blue
ot off topic
ott over the top
ottomy off the top of my head
ousu oh you, shut up
owtte or words to that effect
p&c private and confidential
pans pretty awesome new stuff
pcm please call me
pdq pretty darn quick
pd public domain
pimp peeing in my pants
pita pain in the a**
pls please
plz please
pmfji pardon me for jumping in
po piss off
poof good bye
ppl or peeps people
ptl praise the lord
pza pizza
ql quit laughing
r are
r&d research and development
r&r rest and relaxation
rbay right back at ya
rbtl read between the lines
re regarding
rfd request for discussion
rite right
rlf real life friend
rlh run like hell
rmlb read my lips baby
rn right now
rsn real soon now
rtfaq read the faq file
rtk return to keyboard
ruok are you ok?
ruup4it are you up for it?
ryo roll your own
s or <s> smile
scnr sorry, could not resist
sep someone elses problem
sez says
sfete smiling from ear to ear
sh sh** happens
sitd still in the dark
slirk smart little rich kid
smaim send me an instant message
sme subject matter expert
smem send me email
snafu situation normal, all f***ed up
so significant other
sok it’s ok
some1 someone
sorg straight or gay
soz sorry
spk speak
srlsy Seriously
sro standing room only
sry sorry
ssdd same sh** different day
str8 straight
stra stray
stys speak to ya soon
sum some
sum1 someone
suyf shut up you fool
sux, sux0r suck
swak sealed with a kiss
swdyt so what do you think
ta the
tafn that is all for now
tah take a hike
tarfu things are really f***ed up
tas taking a shower
tbc to be continued
tdtm talk dirty to me
teh the
tfn thanks for nothing
thanx thanks
thnq thank you
tho though
thot thought
thx thanks
tia thanks in advance
tiail think I am in love
tic tongue in cheek
tlgo the list goes on
tm trust me
tna temporarily not available
tom tomorrow
tot tons of time
tp team player
tptb the powers that be
ttg time to go
ttly totally
ttt that’s the ticket
tvm thank you very much
twimc to whom it may concern
u you
u2 you too?
uok are you ok?
ur or ure your or you’re
usu usually
uve you’ve
vbg very big grin
vbs very big smile
vm voice mail
vrbs virtual reality bull sh**
vsf very sad face
wad without a doubt
wai what an idiot
wan2 want to
wanna want to
w/o without
w84m wait for me
wat what
wc who cares
wdys what did you say
wdyt what do you think
wf way fun
wfm wait for me, works for me
wiifm what’s in it for me
wknd weekend
woulda would of
wn when
wog wise old guy
wrt with regards to, or with respect to
wt without thinking
wtsds where the sun don’t shine
wu what up?
wut what
wwy where were you?
wycm will you call me?
wyp what’s your problem?
wyrn what’s your real name?
wys whatever you say
wyt whatever you think
wywh wish you were here
x-i-10 exciting
xlnt excellent
xme excuse me
y why
ya yet another
yafiygi you asked for it you got it
ydkm you don’t know me
ygbk you gotta be kidding
yhm you have mail
yic yours in Christ
ykw you know what
YM you mean
ynk you never know
yr your, yeah right
yoyo you’re on your own
ysyd yeah, sure you do
yttt you telling the truth?
yup Yes
yur your or you’re
yyssw yeah, yeah, sure sure whatever
zzz sleeping, tired, bored
Term Meaning
ASL Age, Sex, Location
MorF Male or female
FOS Parent, Teacher or another Adult Watching
F2F Face to Face
LMIRL Lets meet in real life
MIRL Meet in real life
RL Real Lif
420 Drugs related text message code
Sexting Describes sending of sectual photos over a text message
8 Code for Oral sex
GNOC Get Naked On Cam
GYPO Get Your Pants Off
NIFOC Naked In Front Of Computer
KPC Keep Parents Clueless
RUH Are you Horny?
S2R Send to Receive, used when asking for someone’s picture to get theirs
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Keyboard Shortcuts

I regularly run 1-1 training sessions with users of all ages and am always surprised at how few people use keyboard shortcuts or are aware of their existence. Schools don’t actively teach these as part of their basic PC skills lessons either. These can speed up the way you navigate your computer and carry out regular tasks. There are a plethora of them and many of them are only useful if you are a superuser so I have limited my list to my Top Ten for everyday use. Please feel free to comment and add your own in if you have a particular favourite and share this with your friends and children.

  1. After entering your password when you login in don’t reach for the mouse hit the enter key
  2. Ctrl +N in all Microsoft office products this opens a new document or in the case of Outlook opens a new e-mail
  3. Ctrl + P opens the print dialogue box
  4. Ctrl + S saves the document you are working on
  5. Ctrl + F opens the find dialogue box
  6. Windows Key + E opens my computer
  7. Windows Key + D returns you to the desktop
  8. Ctrl + Tab – switch between open items within the application you are using, e.g. it will take you between tabs on chrome or explorer when you are on the internet
  9. Ctrl and the mouse wheel – zoom in and out
  10. Ctrl + C to copy the selected text or image then Ctrl + V to paste the selection

Okay I did sneak 11 in by combining copy and paste in 10 but one without the other isn’t anywhere near as helpful.

For fun when you have a spare 5 minutes why not open up a blank word document and have a go at these¿

Alt + 0153

Alt + 6

Alt + 5

Alt + 3

Alt + 0161

Alt + 1

Alt + 15

Alt + 13

Alt + 14

Alt + 0191

Happy typing ¡


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Facebook – Friend or Acquaintance?

Before Social Media I considered myself a fairly private person, only my close friends knew my loves, hates etc. I was definitely not a “wear my heart on my sleeve” kind of person. Along comes Facebook and slowly over time this changed; I found myself putting up pictures of my family, home, pets, hobbies and work-life and chatting to everyone I’d ever met about myself. I have since decided that actually I am still a very private person but do love to share the inner workings of my life with a select group of people. I also like to share some stuff with people I see sometimes and know to say hi and shoot the breeze with if I meet them in town. I also quite like to share publicly information I think is of value to everyone who may stumble across it. I am also trying to become more social media marketing savvy and use Facebook to promote our business.

I figured there must be a way to manage my interaction and get the best of all worlds, after a bit of researching I discovered a way. When you add friends to Facebook they default set as friends however you can have close friends, friends, family, acquaintances, custom lists, and public status updates.
If you go to your profile page by clicking on your picture on the top bar then click on friends you will see next to each friend they have a box with *friend and a drop down list.

simon facebook

If you click onto the arrow you get the option to select what type of friend they are.. I have some self imposed rules on this –

Family – As described they are my immediate family, this gives me the ability to share family and children photo from family events without upsetting my mother

Close friend – If I was passing their house I could call in unannounced and have coffee

Friend – They know most of what is going on in my life because I either see them or speak to them fairly regularly. The exception is people who I may have only met once or twice but we really clicked and I’d like to get to know them better.

Acquaintance – I know them maybe from school, playgroup, work, networking but it’s likely that I don’t know where they live and probably only accidentally bump into them rather than plan to meet up.

Public – The rest of the world who isn’t in the categories above.

You can set up new groups maybe School, gym, work if you wanted, I find the 5 above adequate for me though without being hideously hard to manage.

The initial sorting out of your friends may be a little time consuming and it can be tricky for some people in your list who are maybe just between two groups. Once it is done you can go in once a month or so and just look at recently added friends and update them accordingly.

friend list

To get the first box up you hover over their name then click on the friends drop-down, if you haven’t added your own lists then you can add them into this list here by clicking add to another list.

Now when you put up a status update you can select who sees your post.

Status update


These settings work best if you have also set up your other privacy settings to avoid the post being shared through friends tagging their friends thereby enabling their friends to see your post. Look out for further posts around social media privacy.



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Tablets for Christmas

So Christmas is appearing in all the shop windows and the children are busy putting together their letters for Father Christmas. Lots of mummies have been asking me about which Tablet they should recommend to Father Christmas for their children. I haven’t tried out all the tablets so don’t feel I am in a position to recommend a particular one however I am happy to share my thoughts and some links to professional review sites.

I have a Kindle Touch and love it, I overheard a conversation in the library the other day between the librarian and a customer where the lady taking out the book said that she wouldn’t use a Kindle it just wasn’t the same. 8 months ago I would have joined in and agreed but I am a convert, all my books in one place, fits into my handbag, has a digital bookmark that doesn’t fall out, stays charged for weeks and I can download a new book in seconds. I tend to read in bed at night and I would like a backlit screen to avoid the light being on when my husband is trying to sleep so am looking at covers with built in LED lights. I have two iPods which we all use for games, Facebook, surfing the internet and music. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 which is a little larger than an iPod but smaller than a tablet and I love that now having got use to its size. For working at home I use a Dell X1 which is a netbook sized laptop or our 24″ Dell Inspiron all in one touch PC. I am not gadget mad but I like tech that adds value! We have lights at home and at work that come on as you enter a room and turn off if there is no movement in a room after a certain length of time, a great example of useful tech. We also have a Wii that falls into the useless tech pile in our house, not sure why we haven’t got into it but as a family we prefer hand-held devices for playing games. I love the tablet PC devices and absolutely see the appeal as such looked into which one we could add to our repertoire of tech.

As with any technological purchase I now make the starting point was “Why do I want one, what do I want to do with it and how much do I want to spend?” hmmmm the genuine answer at this point was “I just do, allsorts and as little as possible”. Following a few days of pondering my list was as follows:-

1. Reading books

2. Reading the news

3. Online Research

4. Facebook for myself and the business

5. Playing games

6. Educational Apps for the Children

7. Organisational Apps

8. Music

9. Blogging (at least keeping notes ready for writing blogs on my PC)

10. Watching Films – I’m not sure I would do but it may be handy on long journeys for the children or when they need to come to work with me in the holidays.

The sites I used to check out the tablets were the following and I would urge you to read the reviews for yourself as I did.





Next action was to go and hang around in PC World for an hour playing with them all and trying them out. I wouldn’t recommend taking children along for this exercise although I did get the eldest to open our website on each of the laptops:-)

My conclusions

I decided that a 7″ would be the size of tablet I would go for due to price and also portability (it fits into my handbag) and for the children this is a great size for their hands.

The Kindle Fire HD is too much a gateway to Amazon and won’t give me the freedom to shop elsewhere that I like easily. The reports on usability aren’t very positive.

The Google Nexus 7″ all the reviews are great and google play is my first stop for apps so no issues there. Google and Asus have launched the Nexus at a price to knock the Kindle Fire off the top spot. You can go for an 8 or 16GB depending on your budget but there is no way to increase storage so if you want to store photos or lots of films could present an issue.

Apple Mini I can’t bring myself to sell my soul to Apple so I’m afraid it didn’t get a look in however lovely it looks and however much people rave about it. If you have already gone down the Apple route though this is a great bit of kit and someone I know uses their Mini more than their IPad now.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ – Processor wise this is not the quickest tablet on the market you get access to Samsung apps and also Google Play  so plenty of choice available, it has a micro SD slot which means you can expand the memory. I like this as I can copy films, music and files via a card reader on my main pc and have access to the content on my tablet easily. Slightly more expensive than the Kindle and Nexus unless you get it on special offer for me this is the one I would opt for.

In terms of parental controls I cannot comment on the Kindle but for the others there are a range of applocker apps that you can download. I have one on my phone and it gives me the ability to password protect apps on the phone. This means the children cannot access Google Play, Samsung Apps, Texting, EMail, Facebook, Twitter or the Internet without me having to unlock it for them. I can hand over my phone with complete peace of mind since downloading the app and it was free. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.domobile.applock&hl=en

All that said once I had done my research and decided on a Samsung Galaxy Tab I also decided that for me, more tech wouldn’t improve our life and that I would put my £190 towards having a beautiful hexagonal table top I have converted to a kitchen table that the whole family can sit around and play board games or just chat:-)

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Mobile Phones

I confess to being a mobile phone fan, not fanatical need to have the latest phone one I just adore anything with buttons. When I was little I wanted to work in the Post Office because of the buttons. I love serving people in the shop because I get to use the scanner and the till and when I do the accounts I relish the opportunity to key lots of numbers into the calculator.

I started my relationships with mobiles with a Nokia 8210 banana phone it was brilliant! I looked so cool sliding the cover down to reveal the keys and it was tiny, compared to my dads brick at the time.


Then I got a real job where one of the perks was that you had a company phone so I got to carry around 2 mobiles, my second one being the Nokia 6110. With this phone you got the game Snake which was ridiculously addictive given the simplicity of it. Not the prettiest phone but incredibly resilient and the battery lasted forever.


At this time everyone had a Nokia and we all had the same ringtone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq0EmbY3XyI&noredirect=1 which had entire carriage of people on a train reaching into their pockets and briefcases at the same time excited to be getting a call whilst on the move.

As I worked for the Bank of Scotland at this time I had a new phone every few years they were always a standard business Nokia,a my favourite was the 6210. It was a great size, did what it said on the tin and looked very professional. During this time at the bank I clearly recall sitting in a meeting with Vodafone where all the people around the table where senior manangers discussing where we thought mobile phone technology may end up with the emergence of 3G. I can honestly say that never were a bunch of bright people so incredibly wrong. We could not perceive why people would need internet access on the move and why on earth would they want a large device mobility was the key surely!  No career for me in the futures market following that prediction.


Once I left the bank I was back into the choose your own phone world again, by now in 2007 there was a lot more choice and a lot more functionality. My first phone in my not so professional stay at home mummy world was the Sony Ericsson W810 which was not only a phone but you could receive your e-mail, listen to music on it, play games (I had 3 children by now and no time so I can’t remember what they were), take photos , with a phone, HOW COOL!! My dad had this phone after me as his Nokia went swimming in the pond and has only just replaced it last month. I tried to get it back when my Blackberry went for  a final skid across the car park but he refused and fobbed me off with his unboxed Nokia 5800 (not a bad entry level smartphone). Probably up there with my Nokia banana phone for the favourite phone of all time entry.

Sony Ericsson W810

At this point I entered the world of Blackberry with BES installed on the server we were ready to take on the world. I have had a Pearl, Curve with the old style track ball that works, Curve with the new style track pad that I can’t make work at all and Simon had the torch.

Blackberry PearlBlackberry Curve new

I have had no objection to the Blackberries particularily but also I have not really gelled with any of them to the point of not wondering what I should have next.

During my Blackberry era I did have a brief stint with the iPhone 3 which I enjoyed until I left it on a cafe table momentarily during which time it left the building with it’s new owner. I can’t say that this encounter made me crave another particularily.

So we come to last month when we started looking around as our contract was coming to an end. We had managed to avoid the pitfall of a mid term upgrade so were starting fresh.

Choices choices choices…………….one revelation was that I am not so excited about mobiles as I was, maybe my button pressing desires are being satisfied elsewhere? For me it came down to price and functionality and I fear I may have opted for the latest trend without thinking of the practicalities of everyday life.

Yes, I have the largest phone in the world after years of technology getting smaller I have the brick that is the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is actually a mini tablet pretending to be a phone. The pictures it takes are brilliant, angry birds in HD on a big screen… can’t fault it, I can add Simon and Marks diaries so that I know where they are and when, the kids can watch films on a screen that is clearer than our telly. I can have my entire music collection on it and I can social network to my hearts delight. I could probably blog on it, however, none of this, for me, takes away from the fact that I feel slightly ridiculous holding it up to my ear to use it as a phone. On the plus side you would never be able to e-mail or text when driving as it is a two handed activity. It is very safe though in it’s very smart purple Otterbox Commuter Case.

Samsung Galaxy S3 with purple Otterbox

Samsung Galaxy S3 with Purple Otterbox

I have set a reminder for 3 months time to re-read this blog and see whether I have changed my mind and fallen in love or whether I am crossing off the days of our 24 month  contract. (Sue Harding)

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New Shop Stock

We have now introduced a range of products which are in some way related to computers or tech and each week we will have a look at one of them here on the blog.

This week we will be looking at the iCube.


iCube toy

So first things first the price – only £3.95 cheaper than amazon and ebay!

It is similar to the Rubiks cube but instead of getting all the same icons on each side you have to get one of each of the 9 icons onto each side. I could never do the rubiks cube and having product tested for quite some time I also can confirm that the iCube currently has me beaten:-( I will be product testing some more and will let you know if I have any more success.

It would make a great stocking filler and is suitable for all ages.

If you are were a rubiks whizz and fancy your chances pop in and have a go all successful iCubists will be featured on our facebook page.

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Autumn Opening Times

Well the summer is a distant memory the children are back at school and normality has resumed. Big thanks to Jake Jones who spent his summer holiday working with us and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Our opening times for the forseeable future will be:

Monday – Thursday 8.30am till 5pm

Friday 9am – 5pm

Saturday by prior arrangement call 01745 817654 to book

If you happen to find the door locked there is normally one of the engineers upstairs in the office and they will come down to the shop if you ring the bell marked CITS.

As we offer business support and are committed to reaching certain SLAs (Service Level Agreements) there may be times when the office is unmanned for periods as the engineers are all onsite. We can be reached on 01745 817654 at all times so please give us a ring if necessary.

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