Mobile Phones

I confess to being a mobile phone fan, not fanatical need to have the latest phone one I just adore anything with buttons. When I was little I wanted to work in the Post Office because of the buttons. I love serving people in the shop because I get to use the scanner and the till and when I do the accounts I relish the opportunity to key lots of numbers into the calculator.

I started my relationships with mobiles with a Nokia 8210 banana phone it was brilliant! I looked so cool sliding the cover down to reveal the keys and it was tiny, compared to my dads brick at the time.


Then I got a real job where one of the perks was that you had a company phone so I got to carry around 2 mobiles, my second one being the Nokia 6110. With this phone you got the game Snake which was ridiculously addictive given the simplicity of it. Not the prettiest phone but incredibly resilient and the battery lasted forever.


At this time everyone had a Nokia and we all had the same ringtone which had entire carriage of people on a train reaching into their pockets and briefcases at the same time excited to be getting a call whilst on the move.

As I worked for the Bank of Scotland at this time I had a new phone every few years they were always a standard business Nokia,a my favourite was the 6210. It was a great size, did what it said on the tin and looked very professional. During this time at the bank I clearly recall sitting in a meeting with Vodafone where all the people around the table where senior manangers discussing where we thought mobile phone technology may end up with the emergence of 3G. I can honestly say that never were a bunch of bright people so incredibly wrong. We could not perceive why people would need internet access on the move and why on earth would they want a large device mobility was the key surely!  No career for me in the futures market following that prediction.


Once I left the bank I was back into the choose your own phone world again, by now in 2007 there was a lot more choice and a lot more functionality. My first phone in my not so professional stay at home mummy world was the Sony Ericsson W810 which was not only a phone but you could receive your e-mail, listen to music on it, play games (I had 3 children by now and no time so I can’t remember what they were), take photos , with a phone, HOW COOL!! My dad had this phone after me as his Nokia went swimming in the pond and has only just replaced it last month. I tried to get it back when my Blackberry went for  a final skid across the car park but he refused and fobbed me off with his unboxed Nokia 5800 (not a bad entry level smartphone). Probably up there with my Nokia banana phone for the favourite phone of all time entry.

Sony Ericsson W810

At this point I entered the world of Blackberry with BES installed on the server we were ready to take on the world. I have had a Pearl, Curve with the old style track ball that works, Curve with the new style track pad that I can’t make work at all and Simon had the torch.

Blackberry PearlBlackberry Curve new

I have had no objection to the Blackberries particularily but also I have not really gelled with any of them to the point of not wondering what I should have next.

During my Blackberry era I did have a brief stint with the iPhone 3 which I enjoyed until I left it on a cafe table momentarily during which time it left the building with it’s new owner. I can’t say that this encounter made me crave another particularily.

So we come to last month when we started looking around as our contract was coming to an end. We had managed to avoid the pitfall of a mid term upgrade so were starting fresh.

Choices choices choices…………….one revelation was that I am not so excited about mobiles as I was, maybe my button pressing desires are being satisfied elsewhere? For me it came down to price and functionality and I fear I may have opted for the latest trend without thinking of the practicalities of everyday life.

Yes, I have the largest phone in the world after years of technology getting smaller I have the brick that is the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is actually a mini tablet pretending to be a phone. The pictures it takes are brilliant, angry birds in HD on a big screen… can’t fault it, I can add Simon and Marks diaries so that I know where they are and when, the kids can watch films on a screen that is clearer than our telly. I can have my entire music collection on it and I can social network to my hearts delight. I could probably blog on it, however, none of this, for me, takes away from the fact that I feel slightly ridiculous holding it up to my ear to use it as a phone. On the plus side you would never be able to e-mail or text when driving as it is a two handed activity. It is very safe though in it’s very smart purple Otterbox Commuter Case.

Samsung Galaxy S3 with purple Otterbox

Samsung Galaxy S3 with Purple Otterbox

I have set a reminder for 3 months time to re-read this blog and see whether I have changed my mind and fallen in love or whether I am crossing off the days of our 24 month  contract. (Sue Harding)


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