Keyboard Shortcuts

I regularly run 1-1 training sessions with users of all ages and am always surprised at how few people use keyboard shortcuts or are aware of their existence. Schools don’t actively teach these as part of their basic PC skills lessons either. These can speed up the way you navigate your computer and carry out regular tasks. There are a plethora of them and many of them are only useful if you are a superuser so I have limited my list to my Top Ten for everyday use. Please feel free to comment and add your own in if you have a particular favourite and share this with your friends and children.

  1. After entering your password when you login in don’t reach for the mouse hit the enter key
  2. Ctrl +N in all Microsoft office products this opens a new document or in the case of Outlook opens a new e-mail
  3. Ctrl + P opens the print dialogue box
  4. Ctrl + S saves the document you are working on
  5. Ctrl + F opens the find dialogue box
  6. Windows Key + E opens my computer
  7. Windows Key + D returns you to the desktop
  8. Ctrl + Tab – switch between open items within the application you are using, e.g. it will take you between tabs on chrome or explorer when you are on the internet
  9. Ctrl and the mouse wheel – zoom in and out
  10. Ctrl + C to copy the selected text or image then Ctrl + V to paste the selection

Okay I did sneak 11 in by combining copy and paste in 10 but one without the other isn’t anywhere near as helpful.

For fun when you have a spare 5 minutes why not open up a blank word document and have a go at these¿

Alt + 0153

Alt + 6

Alt + 5

Alt + 3

Alt + 0161

Alt + 1

Alt + 15

Alt + 13

Alt + 14

Alt + 0191

Happy typing ¡



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