Summer Opening Times 2012

If you close your eyes and sit in front of a roaring fire and think of July you may believe me when I say that summer is here.

We are pleased to announce that Jake, who spent a week with us on work experience from Ysgol Brynhyfryd in Ruthin, will be helping us out over the summer covering Sues absence whilst she looks after the children.

The shop will be staffed during the following times:-

Tuesday 9am – 2.30pm

Wednesday 9am – 2.30pm

Thursday 9am – 2.30pm

Friday 9am – 2.30pm

Outside these hours there is normally one of the engineers upstairs in the office and they will come down to the shop if you ring the bell marked CITS.

As we offer business support and are committed to reaching certain SLAs (Service Level Agreements) there may be times when the office is unmanned for periods as the engineers are all onsite. We can be reached on 01745 817654 at all times so please give us a ring if necessary.

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Producing a basic spreadsheet in Excel 2007

Click on the View tab on the toolbar. Click Page layout this will change the view to a single page view and enable you to add a heading easily.

Add Headings to your columns as required by clicking on a cell and then typing

Insert the data into the relevant cells by clicking into a cell and typing

Where you have data such as a date or a range of sequential numbers it is possible to auto fill the data. Click on the cell with the initial data then click on the small square in the bottom right of the cell border and drag either down or across to auto-fill the adjacent cells. Once you have auto-filled you can click on the arrow showing on the box bottom right of the list and change the auto-fill settings.

Inserting basic calculations into cells

Click onto the cell where you would like the answer to the calculation to appear and click Autosum on the Toolbar.

Excel will automatically select a group of cells to apply an addition to you can change this selection as follows.

For additions – Click onto the first cell then holding the Ctrl key down on the keyboard click on the remaining cells you wish to add once you have selected all the cells required press enter. You can double click into the cell with the total in and amend the selection by adding additional cells on, for additions you can use the + key or a comma

For divisions – Click autosum select the first cell as you did for additions then type / before selecting the second cell click return once completed

For multiplications – Click autosum select the first cell as you did for additions then type * before selecting the subsequent cell/s click return once completed

For subtraction – Click autosum select the first cell as you did for additions then type –before selecting the subsequent cell/s click return once completed

You can view the sum in any cell by clicking on the cell and looking just below the toolbar at the formula bar you can also make calculation amendments here.

Data sorting

You may wish to sort your data in a particular order once it has been entered to do this click on the Data tab.

From here you can select the type of sorting you would like to do and which column/rows you wish to sort

In our example we are going to sort by customer number (column B) from Lowest to Highest.

First we highlight all the data in our table by holding the Ctrl key down and typing A. Then click on on the toolbar. A dialogue box will then open giving you options for your data sort.

We have elected to sort by Customer on Values with Smallest to Largest then click OK and the sort will be applied to your data.

If you wish to only sort a single column you can click on the top of the required column to highlight the entire column. If you require an entire row click on the number next to the required row.

Formatting your spreadsheet

Under the home tab on the toolbar you can add formatting to each cell or the entire spreadsheet.

To add borders – highlight the cells you wish to have the same borders click on  this will give you a list of options click on the option you require and those borders selected will be applied to all the highlighted cells.

To remove borders click on and choose no borders.

To change the font – highlight the cells you wish to have the same borders click on

Click on the arrow next to Calibri and select the font you require from the drop down list. You can change the size of the font by clicking next to the 11 and selecting the font size required or using the A buttons the large one will increase by 1 font size on each click and the small one will reduce by 1 font size on each click.

Change the colour of the text – Highlight the cells you wish to change the colour of the text in and click on the arrow from here select the colour you wish to apply.

Change the colour of the cell – Highlight the cells you wish to change the colour of and click on the arrow  from here select the colour you wish to apply.

Resizing rows and columns

To make the columns and rows all the correct size for the largest data that they hold click on the top left of the sheet to select all or use Ctrl and A

Using your mouse scroll over the line between two of the column numbers until the pointer looks like then double click using the left mouse key. To adjust the rows hover between two of the row numbers.

You can change individual columns and rows by hover between the row numbers and then left clicking and dragging to the size required.

Tip – To insert a tick into a cell change the font to Windings 2 and type capital P in the cell.

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Stop Think Click

As the mother of 4 children under 10 I am starting to see changes in the way that they use the internet, my eldest son is 10 and confidently uses the internet to research for homework or to play games and has done for years, he has never shown any interest in talking to others online although he does sign up for newsletters from his favourite suppliers. I am now very well versed in the new Corgi range and various Landrover sites keep me upto date with the world of off road racing, all pretty harmless.

My daughter is 8 and has discovered Moshi Monsters which is a great site with a user friendly interface and a place where she can chat to her friends. Her typing is improving which is excellent and the games all have an educational slant, what is not to like?

Hmmmm, I was surprised to find that I don’t like her chatting to her friends online and would prefer she rang them for a chat, it fits into the same category for me as her wanting to wear heels and makeup she is just too young. I decided to give it a chance after all this is the new communication method and I felt more than a little hypocritical given I am an active facebook user. Within a couple of weeks she was unfriending someone when I asked why she said that they swore and she didn’t like it, I was very proud. After more discussion I discovered that she didn’t know them anyway they had asked her to be their friend. This is in my kitchen right under my nose I felt my mother halo slipping and growing dimmer as we spoke.

This all got me thinking that maybe there was something I could do to help so I contacted Denbigh High School and we had a meeting with the head, myself and the police liason officer. We have worked collaberatlively to put together an information sheet for parents of teens outlining the activities that children get up to, the risks associated with these activities and what they can do to mitigate these risks with a list of resources available to help them with this challenge. The new year 7 pupils parents received their copy of the leaflet at their introductory evening last night. Many thanks to Mr Molloy and PC Chris for letting me get involved.

PC Chris Davis with new Yr 7 pupil

The more I have looked into what can and is happening online and via mobile phone the more concerned I became, this is the new world and our children are embracing it we are going to need to get clued up and help them to get through this the same way our parents helped us with the challenges our childhood brought.

It’s not all bad though after all our parents had to invest in the entire Encyclopedia Britannica to help us with our homework we have up to date information and images at our fingertips. If you would like a copy of the information sheet in pdf form please complete the form below.

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Internet Security Press Release July 2012

CITS 1, July 2012

Press release

Ruthin mum helping parents to keep their children safe online

A Ruthin mum and IT company owner has created a guide to help parents across the county better protect their children when using the Internet.

Sue Harding has used her IT skills and experiences as a mother to put together an information sheet, explaining the potential dangers of the Internet and the tools and resources available to parents to keep their children safe online.

Produced in conjunction with North Wales Police and Denbigh High School, the aim now is to distribute the guide to parents of children in 30 primary and secondary schools across Denbighshire.

Sue, who runs the CITS computer shop on Denbigh’s Vale Street with her husband, was inspired to get involved in online safety for children through talking with other parents and because of something that happened to one of her four children.

Her daughter was using the online chat room on the Moshi Monsters site and although Sue had concerns that she was too young, she decided to allow it as it is  a reputable site and a ‘safe’ introduction to this modern means of communicating.

She said: “When one day she ‘unfriended’ someone, and I asked why, she said that they swore and she didn’t like it. I was pleased about that.

“But after more discussion I discovered that she didn’t know the person, even though they had asked her to be a friend.

“This happened in my kitchen, right under my nose. I felt my “mother halo” slipping as we spoke, but it just shows how difficult this can be, even for someone like myself who has really good knowledge of IT and the Internet.

“It got me thinking how all parents must struggle to keep their children safe online. I thought I could help and so I contacted Denbigh High School and we worked together with North Wales Police to produce the information sheet.”

PC Chris Davies, the Schools Community Police Officer leading the campaign on behalf of North Wales Police, added: “We are able to tell children about the dangers online but where we struggle is raising awareness with parents.

“Sue from CITS came to us with this idea and she had the IT knowledge and the experience to put the leaflet together.

“We are now sending it to all the schools in Denbighshire and encouraging parents to grab a copy or to download it. It is short yet full of really useful information, and well worth reading.”

The guide was launched at Denbigh High School’s recent introductory parents’ evening for Year Seven pupils.

Sue and PC Davies are aiming to work with Denbigh High School throughout the coming year on children’s online safety.

  • Request your copy of the guide from Sue by e-mailing or call into the shop to pick up a copy (20 Vale Street, Denbigh, LL16 3BE.)
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Hello world!

Based in Denbigh North Wales CITS is a family run independent business which was started in September 2007 by Simon Harding. Working closely with our clients we offer a cost effective alternative to running your own inhouse IT team.

For our retail customers we help with servicing and repairing their IT equipment, virus removal, training, technical advice and supply of all things techie.

Simon is the Big boss, Mark is the technical boss and I (Sue) am the bossy one in charge of all things finance, admin, marketing or training related.

This blog will hopefully help some of our users to get the most out of their microsoft software as well as help keeping them safe online.

I can’t promise to always be funny or even interesting but I can promise to try my best!

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